Jeff Johnson Early Days

Jeff Johnson

Jeff standing in front of his Schlostsky Franchise

Having been a multi-unit franchisee and Area Developer for 17-years, Jeff Johnson learned that franchisees often do not share important insights with franchisor executives. Without open and honest communication, a franchisor is left with assumptions which can prevent a franchise network from attaining its full potential. This lack of communication can lead to relationship problems, lack of trust, and misaligned goals.

Jeff developed a vision to collect franchisee insights from an entire network using a confidential survey. He wanted franchisors to receive high-quality, easily understandable results. He knew the results would be valuable in system-wide bench-marking, strategic planning, and validation. The vision became a reality in 2002 when Jeff founded the Franchise Research Institute®.

The Franchise Research Institute® is the original auditor of franchisee opinions and continues to uphold the standard in high quality, scientific franchisee research.

Here’s our Founder and CEO, Jeff Johnson talking about his experience in the franchise world.