The Cinnabon motto represents our world-famous goodies, but more than that, it’s also our very reason to exist.  We provide balance in life – to Moms with kids and shopping bags, travelers with suitcases or anyone who wants to indulge.  Cinnabon is an escape, a mini vacation, the frosting of life.

In 1985, foodies in Seattle, WA aspired to make “the world’s greatest cinnamon roll” for a new brand.  After hiring a local baker, three months, hundreds of kitchen experiments, and many trips to Indonesia to find the best, most flavorful cinnamon, the team perfected the Cinnabon recipe and opened the first Bakery.  Since then, the Cinnabon brand has become world famous and competes in the popular bakery franchise and coffee shop franchise environments.

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With more than 1,100 bakeries in over 60 countries serving baked goods and specialty-blended beverages, our vision is quite simple – to be a global player in the snackindustry and a best-in-class bakery and coffee shop franchise.  As we promote the Cinnabon brand through multiple venue types, we’re focused on being diverse and flexible, from our Full to our Co-branded Bakeries.  At Cinnabon, we’re dedicated to the success of our Franchise Partners and are focused on providing world-class support and service based on respect and trust.  When you join the Cinnabon family, you’ll be working with experienced professionals who have extensive brand building, marketing, development and operational experience in all functions of the foodservice and bakery and coffee shop franchise industries.

The Opportunity

We are seeking Franchise Partners who are passionate about owning their own Cinnabon Bakery franchise to create lasting memories for their Guests.  Cinnabon owners are people who excel in the foodservice environment and enjoy giving back to their community.  We all share the same goal – to help make you successful and happy each and every day.

Cinnabon offers Franchise Partners:

  • Single, multi-unit and co-branding Bakery franchise opportunitiesCenter-of-the-Roll-H
  • An opportunity to be part of a world-famous brand
  • Efficient, customizable Bakery designs to maximize return on investment
  • Access to a dedicated and passionate Franchise Support Team

Cinnabon has been serving delicious goodies for more than 25 years.  Together, we can create memories – for you, your family and most importantly, for your Guests.  Make your dream a reality and experience the sweet rewards of becoming a Cinnabon Franchise Partner!

The Requirements

Liquid Capital Required:  $120,000
Net Worth Required:  $400,000
Total Investment:  $180,050 – $385,500

Financing Assistance:  Available, via third party
Training and Support:  Available

Total Operating Units:  1,140
United States Units:  582
International Units:  558



  • EVERY franchisee contacted
  • 75.1% of Cinnabon franchisees surveyed
  • Research completed March 2018


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