The Company

Are you interested in a lawn and tree care franchise or in diversifying an existing green industry business? Spring-Green has been delivering both traditional and organic lawn and tree care services; fertilization, weed and disease control (not mowing or landscaping) to residential and commercial accounts for over 36 years in local neighborhoods and communities across the country. Our World Class franchise has proven to be economically resilient, showing positive growth in the worst of times. Our services cater to those with discretionary income that place a high value on their time and to those that understand the need to protect the sizable investment that they have made in their home

“Spring-Green provides services that beautify our environment through higher standards of Quality, Service, Professionalism and Value.”

The Opportunity

Spring-Green attracts entrepreneurs and green industry professionals seeking to control their destiny, create a more flexible lifestyle and build financial security for themselves and their families. Spring-Green’s conservative approach to starting up a new franchise has always put great emphasis on keeping the initial investment at a minimum focusing on growth in customers through a strong return on the ongoing marketing investment. In recent years, we have introduced several programs that you may identify with as you explore the Spring-Green franchise opportunity. Financing is also available for qualified candidates. By combining Spring-Green’s dedicated start-up support department, industry leading web-based business software, comprehensive marketing programs and national in-bound call center, we believe we may have the right transition plan for you. Make sure you also learn about our innovative Flex-Start Program and our Military Assistance Programs.

The Requirements

Spring-Green Lawn Care is looking for green industry veterans and entrepreneurial candidates that desire to build equity. One of the programs we offer is our Green Associate Assistance Program which is available to qualified candidates who currently own or are employed by green industry businesses. Under the Green Associate Assistance Program we apply up to $10,000 of the initial franchise fee towards start-up expenses that we designate or approve, which may include your initial marketing campaign fee. Any such amounts will be in addition to any amounts we spend under the Marketing Reinvestment Program. The candidates should have good people skills and be comfortable with the outdoors and some physical work. Management experience is preferred. Financial qualifications include a net worth of $160,000 with $60,000 liquid. There are both in-house and third-party financing opportunities available.

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  • 76.4% of Spring-Green franchisees surveyed
  • Research completed September 2017


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