Teams of Tomorrow


The Company


Teams of Tomorrow takes pride in offering the most unique extracurricular program available for preschoolers ages 3-5.  While the majority of children’s franchises focus on one area of development, Teams of Tomorrow, also known as TOT, offers the benefit of 3 programs in 1!  TOT focuses on athletics, academics & agility.  TOT was developed by educators based on brain research as well as research on the benefits of learning through music & movement.  This research, coupled with successful pilot programs implementing those findings, have resulted in what TOT believes is the most beneficial educational, extracurricular offering available to the preschool age child!

TOT’s mission is to enhance the lives of children, families & communities and currently there are more than 70 franchise locations in the US adding value to the lives of those in their communities!

TOT’s unique Pay from Profit model allows franchise owners to own a business while paying for it from their profits, not from seeking high interest loans or taking money from 401Ks or savings accounts!  For less than $2,000 in out of pocket expenses, qualified candidates will be enabled to build a business that not only allows you to meet your career, lifestyle & financial goals, but also adds value to the lives of others.

The TOT franchise opportunity offers many benefits including, but not limited to:

  • Low Overhead Costs
  • Music Driven Curriculum with Developed Lesson Plans
  • Proven Systems for Marketing & Program Implementation
  • Ongoing Training & Support
  • Technology Solutions
  • Flexible Schedule


The Opportunity


TOT’s Pay from Profit model allows franchise owners the opportunity to invest in their business in a unique way!  This model is even more appealing when coupled with the fact that there is no storefront building/expenses required.  TOT franchise owners operate out of home offices while TOT classes are conducted on site at preschools, daycares, Mother’s Day Out facilities, Montessori schools, private schools & more!  While the majority of TOT franchise owners have stepped out of the classrooms as teachers, not all franchise owners have a background in education.  TOT franchise owners range from backgrounds in nursing, sales & marketing, human resources, retail businesses, stay at home moms & more!  To be a TOT franchise owner all you need is a heart for others and the willingness to learn.  TOT will train you in everything else that you need to be successful!


The Requirements

Our ideal candidate has;

  • Interpersonal skills:Energetic individuals with strong interpersonal and communication skills that enjoy networking with others.
  • A genuine love for children & others:  Experience managing children and/or the ability to hire people with this experience.
  • Solid work ethic & integrity:Has a drive to succeed and are doers, not just dreamers.  Has an understanding of the importance of doing what you say because you say so.
  • Adaptability: Has the ability to adapt to situations which enables you to respond willingly to the demands of the moment even if they pull you away from your plans.

Initial Franchise Fee ranging from $7,000 – $15,000 (No Money Required Up Front for the Franchise Fee!)


Initial Expenses of less than $2,000 (Including Training, Travel & Technology Fees)

  • EVERY franchisee contacted
  • 88.1% of Teams of Tomorrow franchisees surveyed
  • Research completed February 2018


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