Many franchise executives rely on their “gut instinct” because they are caught between chronic complainers on one end of the spectrum and hearing false praise in the other. In order to maximize brand growth, metrics are needed to measure the quality of the relationship as well as programs designed to help franchisees (such as training and support). 


FranSurvey® Express is an abbreviated version of our standard survey containing 18 critical questions as well as one open ended question and three demographic questions. We believe that once you see the basic data we provide, you will want to come back for a deeper dive into what your franchisees are saying!

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Three critical elements for turning your survey into actionable data.


  1. Independent – There are times when survey monkey is an appropriate method of gathering feedback from your franchisees, but when needing actionable data for strategic planning purposes you will need an outside research firm’s assistance.

  2. Comprehensive – Every franchisee should be encouraged to participate and for the survey results to be projected to the entire franchisee population at least 70% must participate.

  3. Confidential – All responses must remain confidential so there is no-reward for positive and no-risk for negative responses.

What can Franchisee Satisfaction Research do for you? 


Why Franchisee Opinion Research Image

  • Increase sales and profits!

  • Build your brand by increasing the quality of programs designed to ensure franchisee success.

  • Quantify “how franchisees feel,” and how strongly they feel that way. Are you only responding to a small number of “squeaky wheels” or to the silent majority?

  • Build the franchisee/franchisor relationship.

  • Create/maintain a positive attitude toward the brand.

  • Maximize your franchisee satisfaction / validation.



  • The real power of franchising lies in developing an enthusiastic partnership and collaboration of the entire franchising team with every stakeholder working together from the same playbook.

  • Often senior executives are left with only their “gut feeling” or intuition as a guide to building their brand. Franchise executives need metrics to quantify not only the quality of their franchise programs, but to also measure the level to which their franchisees are engaged.

  • Franchisees may not share negative feedback for fear of retribution, or they say what they believe executives want to hear (leading to false positive responses). Accurate benchmarking requires an independent third-party research firm that can guarantee respondent confidentiality.

  • High-quality franchisee opinion research can provide necessary information for strategic planning and benchmarking.

  • Enthusiastic, energized franchisees are the cornerstone of brand growth, and are critical in the attraction of high-quality candidates.

  • imageUnderstanding franchisees’ needs leads to ongoing system-wide improvement and the ability to effectively set and manage the expectations of candidates and existing franchisees.

  • Open, honest feedback from franchisees helps to identify which programs are working, and which need improvement. This information can add to higher sales (royalties) and profits.

  • The strongest franchise systems have the enthusiastic endorsement of their franchisees.