We provide accurate and honest franchisee feedback to franchisors. Therefore, we specialize in the research process, data collection, and reporting. Our team includes data scientists, researchers, and business psychologists. But most importantly, our team has firsthand experience as franchisees and working for franchisors. This experience and knowledge allow the team to contribute critical data to a franchisor based on their needs.

Our process includes sending confidential surveys to franchisees, assurances to reach significant survey response rates, and multiple generated reports. Our package of reports includes question/answer breakouts, benchmarks, year-over-year trending, and comparative reports. Lastly, we maintain relationships with our clients to collaboratively support network and brand improvement over time.

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    We survey thousands of active franchise owners

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    Data & Reporting

    We develop numerous reports based on the data to provide an accurate picture of franchisees experiences and perceptions.

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    Ongoing Relationship

    We maintain relationships with our franchisor clients so data can be integrated into strategic improvements and positive trends can be seen over time.